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Chris Abelen, trombone
29 september 1959
(b) Tilburg, the Netherlands

Chris Abelen began playing the trumpet at the age of 7, but this seemed to be a little early, so he tried again at 11.
After 7 years he switched to trombone and studied classical trombone in Tilburg with Charles Toet and Henri Aarts and also formed a big-band to conduct and arrange.
4 years later he switched his classical study to jazz and improvisation in Amsterdam with Willem van Manen.
He has played with the Willem Breuker Kollektief (1984-1987), Dick de Graaf Septet (1988), J.C.Tans Orchestra (1988-1989), Contraband (1989-2000), Eric van der Westen Octet (1991-1992), and Paradise Regained Orchestra (1995).
On all his albums he has written the compositions and arrangements, from a quartet to a tentet.

Chris Abelen is also working as a professional engraver for Boosey & Hawkes and Donemus.


Dance of the Penguins (1995)
What a Romance (1999)
PROOST (2000)
Space (2005)
Plint EP (2011)

All dates are release dates.

Recordings with others:

Willem Breuker Kollektief: Bob's Gallery, Mondriaan Strings (with Vera Beths), The Parrot
Dick de Graaf Septet: November
Onrust presenteert Wiarda
Contraband: De Ruyter Suyte, Boy Edgar Suite, Pale Fire
Eric van der Westen: Working Dreamer
Nedly Elstak: Paradise Lost and Regained Suite