Chris Abelen

new jazz trombone music


Chris Abelen, trombone
29 september 1959
(b) Tilburg, the Netherlands

Chris Abelen began his musical career at the age of 7, with playing the trumpet. This seemed to be a little early, so he tried again at 11.
After 7 years he switched to trombone and studied classical trombone in Tilburg with Charles Toet and Henri Aarts and also formed a big-band to conduct and arrange.
After 4 years of classical study he switched to jazz and improvisation in Amsterdam with Willem van Manen.
He has played with the Willem Breuker Kollektief (1984-1987), Dick de Graaf Septet (1988), J.C.Tans Orchestra (1988-1989), Contraband (1989-2000), Eric van der Westen Octet (1991-1992), and Paradise Regained Orchestra (1995).
He has led his own bands, from a quartet, quintet and sextet to a tentet.
On all his albums he has written the compositions and arrangements.

Chris Abelen is also working as a professional engraver for Boosey & Hawkes and Donemus.


Dance of the Penguins (1995)
What a Romance (1999)
PROOST (2000)
Space (2005)
Plint EP (2011)

All dates are release dates.

Recordings with others:

Willem Breuker Kollektief: Bob's Gallery, Mondriaan Strings (with Vera Beths), The Parrot
Dick de Graaf Septet: November
Onrust presenteert Wiarda
Contraband: De Ruyter Suyte, Boy Edgar Suite, Pale Fire
Eric van der Westen: Working Dreamer
Nedly Elstak: Paradise Lost and Regained Suite
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