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Chris Abelen, trombone
29 september 1959
(b) Tilburg, the Netherlands

I am a jazz trombone player and composer from the Netherlands. Over the past years I have produced 2 CD's, Dance of the Penguins and What a romance. But this wasn't possible without the contribution of such fine players as Corrie van Binsbergen, Tobias Delius, Wilbert de Joode and Charles Huffstadt. On the 3rd CD Space this line-up is extended with the Zapp! String Quartet and Ab Baars on clarinet.
The 4th, PROOST, was commissioned by NOS Radio and recorded live at the Klap op de Vuurpijl in Amsterdam, organized by Willem Breuker.
Plint (EP) is an introduction to my music. The title track is a new release.

I studied classical trombone in Tilburg with Charles Toet and Henri Aarts and also formed a big-band to conduct and arrange.
4 years later I switched my classical study to jazz & improvisation in Amsterdam with Willem van Manen.

Willem Breuker Kollektief (1984-1987), Dick de Graaf Septet (1988), J.C.Tans Orchestra (1988-1989), Contraband (1989-2000), Eric van der Westen Octet (1991-1992), and Paradise Regained Orchestra (1995).

I am working as a professional engraver for publishing companies such as Boosey & Hawkes, Donemus, Universal and orchestras such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Asko/Schönberg, Metropole Orchestra, NedPho and more.
Composers among others Louis Andriessen, Martijn Padding, Willem Jeths, Geert van Keulen, Bernard van Beurden, Elmer Schönberger.


Dance of the Penguins (1995) - Chris Abelen Quintet
What a Romance (1999) - Chris Abelen Quintet
PROOST (2000) - Chris Abelen Tentet
Space (2005) - Chris Abelen Quintet, Zapp String Quartet, Ab Baars
Plint EP (2011) - Chris Abelen Bands

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