Chris Abelen

jazz, funk, you name it
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The proof’s in the final report. The players don’t sound like they’re watching the clock, waiting for work to be over. They sound psyched, rested and ready. Putting this music together, Chris Abelen struck a blow for worker comfort, efficiency, and effective time management.
Kevin Whitehead - liner notes

New 2016 album - A day at the office (CAMP-006) for jazz/funk septet.

Fiona Ord-Shrimpton’s - All About Jazz - comment on ‘Fix’:
‘The pharmacy was closed when the many tired ghosts of Miles Davis decided to in vivo freak this band. Suitable for zombies and psychedelics. #livingdeadcharm’

free Fix download
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A day at the office (CAMP-006), available at all major streaming services and Amazon [CD]
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Minus one & full scores at sheet music plus

Cover tiny file look inside Fix For Alto Sax,Baritone Sax,Trumpet,Trombone,Double Bass,Drums,Bass Guitar,Jazz Ensemble. Jazz,Funk Jazz,Pop. Intermediate. Score. 10 pages.
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