A day at the office – download


‘The pharmacy was closed when the many tired ghosts of Miles Davis decided to in vivo freak this band. Suitable for zombies and psychedelics. #livingdeadcharm’

Fiona Ord-Shrimpton’s comment on ‘Fix’ (All about jazz)

‘The proof’s in the final report. The players don’t sound like they’re watching the clock, waiting for work to be over. They sound psyched, rested and ready. Putting this music together, Chris Abelen struck a blow for worker comfort, efficiency, and effective time management.’

Kevin Whitehead – liner notes


All compositions & arrangements by Chris Abelen
Bass & Drums recorded by Kasper Frenkel at the Electric Monkey Studio - Amsterdam (may 2015)
Baritone & Bass Clarinet recorded by Tini Thomsen (february 2016)
Recording of all other instruments, editing, mixing, production, cd design and San Francisco photography by Chris Abelen (2015/2016)


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