Songs on the Eve of Dismissal, as the title suggests, is a project about working in an office, and the main emotions involved in present-day office life: fear and loss of individuality. For example, with millions of people worldwide trying to survive the next reorganisation while doing their job, this is a serious subject which connects to this large group; at the same time, there is definitely a funny or strange side to a song about it. 
The project consists of about 22 pieces (2 sets) with 9 of them with vocals. The other compositions are instrumental (for a 7-piece line-up) and are already finished too: the instrumental album has been published in 2016 (A Day at the Office). Currently, we are working on the Songs on the Eve of Dismissal album.

Bastiaan Geleijnse and Chris Abelen
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Songs on the eve of dismissal (CAMP-008), available soon at all streaming services and Amazon [CD]
All compositions & arrangements by Chris Abelen
Lyrics by Bastiaan Geleijnse
Bass, Drums, Trumpet & Alto Saxophone recorded by Roeland Jacobs at the WedgeView Studios - Woerdense Verlaat - the Netherlands (may 2017)
Baritone & Bass Clarinet recorded by Tini Thomsen (soon)
Voice recorded by Roeland at the Wedge View Studios - Woerdense Verlaat (soon)
Recording of Guitar and Trombone, editing, mixing, production, cd design and Bloemendaal photography by Chris Abelen (2016/2017)